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UNICONTA is a cloud-based business management software package (known in the software sector as ERP).  In essence, it combines many traditionally paper-based business functions into integrated software workflows.  If you are using a combination of Sage, Xero or Quickbooks for accounting and Excel to run your operations, this software will replace your many uncommunicative systems with an integrated solution.


Erik Damgaard has been developing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, since 1983. Uniconta is an amalgam of the best of the previous ERP systems developed by Damgaard, combined with the latest new technology from Microsoft.

The result is an intuitive accounting software program that takes care of all your accounting, supply chain and project management needs. Its simple, intuitive, powerful features give you complete overview of your business’ economy and helps make your business more efficient and profitable.


Uniconta is an app that works similarly to well-known programmes like Microsoft Office. It is installed on your PC, and stores all data in the cloud. It is an approach that provides maximum speed and worker mobility with no waiting periods. You are also not dependent on browsers that are susceptible to lock you out, “forget data” or disconnecting you.

Uniconta is built to integrate seamlessly and create synergies with popular Microsoft technology. It is designed to fit easily and smoothly into your cloud IT-ecosystem. Uniconta can be deployed as a standard ERP system, but is designed as a modular, flexible solution that allows easy customization of fields, indexes and screen layouts. This means that you are not dependent on aligning your wishes and needs to a standard software package.

Erik Damgaard’s programmes have always been characterized by an extensive toolbox and good integration features. Uniconta is no exception. It enables customers to benefit from the synergies offered by our partners’ solutions. The guiding principle has been to develop a strong foundation and then offer specific supplemental solutions through a strong network of partners and integrators.

This means that Uniconta is part of a unique, wide-ranging ecosystem, which allows companies to tailor their finished program package to individual industries, specific job functions and create unique solutions that match their workflows and work processes.