Master Data Management

Master Data Management can often, over time, become fragmented and uncontrolled costing you time and money.We can help you gain control
Master Data Management

Is inconsistent and inaccurate masterdata costing you time and money ?

Good Masterdata in your systems is the foundation for running your business day to day efficiently and turning these transactions into useful information that will enable you to analyse and understand your business.

With the extensive use of ERP suites, even for smaller companies, the integration and accuracy has become better, but we still see many examples where custom build applications ( like excel)  and systems are not feeding masterdata from the same sources. There are also many examples where the business have reporting needs, that are not maintained directly in the ERP system and users therefore have created their own reporting structures. This leads often to inconsistent reporting across the organization and more time is spent reconciling numbers rather than making important business decisions.

Another critical issue is “who owns” your masterdata. Even in smaller companies we see that this is not very well defined and also the lack of understanding what the data maintained in the ERP system is used for in other departments and processes.

We can help you analyze you master data situation and how to get control of this process.

We also have experience in how to set up masterdata that will create meaningful reporting structures.

Do you for example have these reporting structures ?

  • Product Hierarchies
  • Product attributes
  • Customer Hierarchies
  • Financial Dimensions