KPI & Business Intelligence

With many BI projects in various industries and sectors we can offer to help with a detailed analysis and design of KPI's and dashboards

KPI’s & Business Intelligence

Soon after you have your business up and running on a day to day fashion like  purchase orders , production, sales orders to customers delivery, invoicing , accounts receivable, CRM activities etc the need to measure performance and make smart business decisions will become evident.

It is necessary to define what you want to measure in all levels of the organization and make the measurements easily accessible, understandable and actionable.

There are many tools for this purpose and some probably exist in the ERP software suites you might have already. However, studies show that the most commonly used Business Intelligence reporting tool is Excel. This can be a good solution , but it usually requires some manual work and possible errors.

We recommend that you first define what you want to measure and then select the best suited tools for this. We can help you with this.

Examples of KPI’s

  • Brand profitability
  • Account / Customer profitability
  • Promotion Effectiveness
  • Market share – external data
  • New product launch tracker
  • Consumer complaints
  • Media and commercial spend tracking, Image analysis, etc.
  • Trade spend allocation, top accounts, top Brands
  • Sales forecast accuracy
  • Inventory movements, stock situation, Aged Stock
  • Customer service KPI’s
  • Damaged Goods, freight costs
  • Purchasing information price and volume
  • Work Accidents
  • Production line effeciencies

Examples of Dashbords

  • Executive Dashboards Company strategic information
  • Finance Dashboards P&L , Cashflow, Balance sheet ABC analysis, etc.
  • Marketing Dashboards Market share, launch tracker, Consumer complaints, Media and commercial spend tracking, Image analysis, etc.
  • Sales Dashboards Sales per customer, profitability per customer , promotion evaluation, time and sales force efficiency, etc.
  • Productions Dashboards Production facility efficiency, Deviations and waste, raw and packing material costs, etc.
  • Logistic Dashboards Transport and freight costs, Damaged goods, etc.
  • HR Dashboards Wage and compensation , sickness, turnover of personnel, work accidents “best place to work” ratings