ERP & Processes

with over 20 years experience with implementation of ERP systems globally we can help you review and recommend how to optimize processes

Most businesses  from small to large needs an Enterprise Ressource Planning  ERP system to run their business processes on an integrated system.

We have over 20 years worked for companies with major global installations like SAP and Microsoft Ax and NAV to implement and roll out standard solutions to drive lower IT costs,  standard processes and reporting and transparency to transactions across the organization. These projects are usually associated with significant investments in hardware or hosted solutions and requires highly specialized expensive consultants to configure business processes to fit the business.

Another big challenge is, that companies often customize the standard ERP solution to meet some specific business needs. This could be as simple as an extra master data field for reporting purposes or even more complicated calculations. This often prevents the standard ERP software to be upgraded from the ERP supplier. It can be a timely and costly task to get the latest release with the new features and functionality.

Many smaller and medium size companies does not need or want an expensive complicated ERP system to run their business.

Today, fortunately ,the technology has driven cost down of having access to a fully functional user friendly ERP system without cost of hardware, without expensive migration and training costs. The most recent in the market is Uniconta.

Uniconta is also designed with a toolbox so you can add customized fields and programs that still allows a problem free upgrade to new releases.

With the experience we have from more than 40 ERP implementations we think that Uniconta will fit perfect to companies in the small to mid market segment.