Commercial Business Planning

Integrating Finance, sales/marketing , supply chain in a planning process and system can increase profitability significantly

The Commercial Business Planning  is a comprehensive process and system linking Finance Marketing, Sales & supply chain.

This is especially targeted companies who have sales of products to the retail channel.

The process includes aligning marketing plans, financial goals , sales forecasts, production forecasts and calculation of ROI and promotion evaluation.

Are you looking at following challenges in your business ?

External factors

  • With Globalization of Customers and Vendors there is an increasing need to act and run the organization Globally
  • Markets change more rapidly therefore a significant need to launch new products faster and revitalize existing product portfolio
  • Customers drive longer lead times for their own planning activities
  • High pressure on trading terms like price,margin and delivering terms as customers consolidate and increase their negotiating power
  • Campaigns and Trade promotions spends are large investments and increasing need to measure impact and ROI
  • If selling name Brands, increasing competition from generic ”no-name” products
  • Customers have better information

Internal challeges

  • Marketing, Sales, Supply chain and Finance tend to work in silos. Need aligment between functions to increase synergy and visibility to financial results and ROI
  • Difficult to communicate and meausre that Company strategy is followed at operational level
  • Financial estimate, salesforecast and production/purchasing plan are not aligned often many different reports and numbers
  • Few employees own and maintain critical ”spreadsheet” application for core processes.
  • Inventory control increasingly important and a need to have forecast accuracy as leadtimes increase, especially when sourcing globally
  • Large number of SKU’s to manage
  • Account managers spend significant time on plannning rather than developing the business with customers. Need to have as much information or better information than the customers
  • Large amounts of data in organisation. Significant time spent preparing management reports. Need to streamline and simplify data extraction to focus on analysis and answer to business questions
  • Need to have easier, faster and consistent access to ”up-to date” information on intranet or mobile devices for all levels in the organization


If this sounds familiar then you might benefit from a Commercial Planning process